TV wall mount install

TV wall mount install

Do you live in the Lawrence, KS area and need help with your flat screen TV wall mount install? Waters Handy Services is here to help with some questions to consider before you tackle the project yourself or hire a pro…

Where will the TV be mounted?

The most common place to mount the TV is above the fireplace. That may be a desirable location but you should consider the heat aspect before you make the decision to mount your TV above the fireplace. The excessive heat that builds there can diminish the lifespan of your TV. Many newer houses are pre-wired for that location though so it may be the best option for your install.

Some other things to consider are the viewing angle you prefer and how high up you will want the TV. Mounting the TV up higher can keep the TV protected from small children and there are lots of options for articulating and swiveling brackets that can accommodate multiple viewing angles.

What type of material is the wall?

Knowing the material the wall is made of is an important part of your TV wall mount installation. You need to make sure the bracket is securely tied into the wall. The most common type of wall material is drywall. The drywall has wood studs running behind it that help give it strength.  The TV wall mount install kit will come with lag bolts that screw into the studs and hold the weight of the TV and bracket.

A few other common wall types you may find are brick, plaster, and wood. They will all require slightly different fasteners to properly mount the bracket so it can support the weight of the TV. The ¼” snap Toggle is a good quality anchor that Waters Handy Services often use in a hollow wall application.

What will you do with the cords?

Hiding the cords from view makes your TV wall mount install look complete. If you want to hide the cords inside the wall, the best option is with a power bridge kit. It comes with everything you need to get power to the TV and hide your wires safely inside the wall. Make sure the cables you buy are a couple feet longer than you think you’ll need. You can always hide the excess.

If you can’t hide the wires behind the wall, another option to consider is a wire channel. You can paint the wire channel and they allow for any bends or turns you may need to make.


These are just a few of the questions you should consider when buying a bracket and planning your TV wall mount install. Please also consider Waters Handy Services if you’d rather enjoy your free time and leave it to a pro!

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