Door Repair & Installs

Door Repair & Installs

Door repair and installation is one of the most common services we provide at Waters Handy Services. Whether your door is not closing right, drafty, or you’re just looking for an updated look – Waters Handy Services can help! Here’s some information that may be helpful when you’re making decisions about the doors in your home……..

Common problems that require a door repair or replacement:

  1. The bolt or latch won’t set – These two problems are usually caused by settling in the home or a worn out mechanism. The latch or bolt assembly will likely need to be replaced if it’s not sliding properly. If they’re not setting properly, then some adjustments to the hinges or strike plate will usually get everything lined up again.
  2. Drafty door – This one will hurt your energy bills and is often overlooked especially in older homes. There should be a continuous weather seal around the entire door including a draft stop at the bottom. During the winter months, you’ll feel a draft.  An easy way to check the door seal, any time of year, is to stand on the dark side of the door with the other side lighted. If you see light coming through, then air can get through.
  3. Broken frame or door– This one seems to happen quite often when someone gets locked out and decides they don’t feel like waiting for a locksmith.  Sometimes this can be repaired depending on the damage, but most of the time it will require a replacement of the door and possibly the frame.
  4. Outdated doors – Older homes especially will have doors that are just plain outdated. Interior doors might be a flimsy hollow core material. Older exterior doors may still be radiating cold or warm air even though you’ve weather sealed it properly. Often times, older doors won’t have the proper insulation material installed between the door and the casing. Waters Handy Services can remedy that problem by installing a new casing and door.

Whether your door needs a repair or replacement, Waters Handy Services can help you out.

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